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Cheers to Accordion Albums for Scrapbooking

Each one of us has had a set of good and bad memories. Usually those good memories paint smiles on our faces while the bad ones sadden our hearts. Whichever kind of memory it is, these things occur in your life when you least expect them.

Keeping pictures of significant events in your life with the people that matter the most to you is one way of keeping those memories alive. Most people love to take pictures during field trips, holidays, vacations, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and many other occasions. With these photos, the memory is kept lingering in the minds of those who get to take a glimpse of those special events. But would you rather let your photos lie still in plain and traditionally-looking photo albums?, or would you rather spice them up? Why not work on scrapbooks?

You don’t need to be an expert photographer or an experienced artist to create a beautiful scrapbook;  all you need is the concept of the design, the layout for the scrapbook and of course the photos which you’ll want to include.

Accordion Album

Have you ever heard of the term accordion albums? You probably have encountered them and you likely keep one in your bedroom. An accordion album is not your standard photo album size. It is smaller. Accordion albums are most commonly used for keeping alive the memories of your loved ones.

A Love relationship accordion album is the most common of all, as you and your loved one have certainly spent many good times together, you would want such memories to live on forever. By creating an accordion scrapbook album, you can preserve those memories for years to come.

The number of photos to be included in the scrapbook determines the size and layout to be employed in your accordion album scrapbook. To enhance your memories and bring them more to life, you can use poems, quotes, love songs, or simple statements expressing your love for that person as captions for your  photos allowing your deepest emotions to be manifested in your work of art.

When writing down the journal, you can recall some funny or memorable incidents about the photo in order to make the caption more expressive and alive. Colors play a big role on album. Softer colors such as cream and blue or silver and gold are most often  used. These colors make the pages of the scrapbook more attractive and lively.

Worthy Topics for An Accordion Album

Some of the topics most commonly used in a Love Scrapbook Accordion Album include such things as “Ten Things I Love about You” or “The History of Our Relationship”, “The Day I Found You”, etc. However the more personal the topic you choose, the more of an intimate impression on your scrapbook.

More so, the  accordion album scrapbook may also serve as memorabilia of items such as cards, love letters, restaurant menus, concerts tickets, dried flowers, and many other things which both of you have given to each other. You may likewise have a question and answer portion that both of you will answer. The questions may revolve around your favorite food, pet peeves, traditions, future goals, favorite pastimes, and the things which you mostly agree and disagree on.

The Importance of the Accordion Album for Scrapbooking

The accordion album  for scrapbooking is one quick and easy way of recording special memories that you and your loved one share. The process of making it is also a lot of fun too. You may find yourself laughing as you remember particular incidents associated with those pictures.

Some Valuable Steps to Follow

Before starting with the scrapbook, first gather all the pictures you would like include in the craft. Sort them out according to events and chronologically. Before pasting the photos, make sure you’ve conceptualized the sequence as they will appear in the pages. Incorporate artistic embellishments into the pages and do not forget to include captions throughout the pages of the scrapbook. By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to make a desirable accordion album scrapbook.

Happy Scrapbooking!

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