Four Tips for using Photos in Scrapbooking

Pictures have the power to inspire, evoke laughter, or make you shed a tear every time you look at them. When you use the right pictures in your scrapbooking, you have the opportunity to combine art and emotion in just one page.

The reason why photographs work so great in scrapbooks is because photos are documentations of memories that you can see and enjoy over and over again. If you learn how to use your pictures together with good layouts and the right embellishments, you will be able to create a masterpiece every time.

You just need to remember that scrapbooking is a visual representation of your memories, so you just need to pick out the pictures that tell a story or send a message.

Scrapbook Ideas Scrapbooking is not about:

1. the amount of photographs you can stick into your scrapbook
2. putting in loads of embellishments
3. selecting the most colorful or the most technically-pleasing photos

Scrapbook IdeasHere is what it is all about:

1. Using the appropriate themes for particular photographs – If your picture is about a celebration or a festive occasion, then don’t be afraid to play around with colors and fun arrangements. If you’re using a black and white photo with a romantic or vintage mood, for example, then your colors should be muted and/or light.

2. Manipulating your photos to integrate them into your designs – Do not be afraid to trim the edges, cut out some parts, or manipulate your photos in any way if you feel that it would add greatly into the overall theme. There are lots of gorgeous scrapbooks wherein the photos are trimmed or cut in one way or another, and it’s done by pros all the time.

3. Understanding when to apply the concept of less is more – What is your photo telling you and your audience? What is the story behind it? Sometimes you don’t have to go all out in putting embellishments all over your pages, when just a few ones will do. Let your photographs tell the story, and just add enough embellishments to enhance, not steal the spotlight.

4. Find those photos that evoke strong feelings and memories – Always use the photos that evoke strong feelings or memories. It doesn’t have to be the photograph with perfect composition and exposure, because a lot of those technically-perfect images can be boring and lifeless. Instead, pick the photograph that makes you cry or laugh or remember the history behind it.

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Happy Scrapbooking!
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