Scrapbooking Kits

Using Scrapbooking Kits

If you’ve never done scrapbooking before and you’re planning to start with this obsession, there is one sure way for you so as not to stumble into the common pitfalls most beginners have.

Scrapbooking kits are a great way to begin this hobby. They offer the basics for new crafters without having to spend much on them. Oftentimes as a newbie, you have no idea of what would complete a page of an album or what theme to use for the entire album itself. With all the options set in the horizon, it is easy for you to get confused and be misled with choosing the “cool” and “pretty” stuff.

By using scrapbooking kits, you are less susceptible to low confidence when making decisions. This often comes when the new scrapper hasn’t honed his artistic capabilities yet. With the use of these materials, it is easier for the crafter to find his way through training. They allow you to see the possibilities of designs, themes and concepts which also enable you to draw encouragement in setting  personal and innovative designs.

A scrapbooking kit works well too with people who have always loved the activity yet they are much too preoccupied with things of greater and immediate importance. Having a good combination of everything that you are expected to use can make it a lot easier to mount pictures and memorabilia into layouts without having to think much on the designs, thus enjoying the fun of scrapbooking

Obviously, since the materials in a kit are limited to those of the basics, your creativity too is very much limited. After all, if you would follow the lines that started from scrapbooking kits, you will see that it is linear. Experimentation is not as much welcomed, therefore limiting your creativity.

It is not to say that you have to make use of all the items found in the kit or that  you are strictly limited to those that you see. However, the normal reaction we have when we see the items designed to fit together, we tend not to use our imagination anymore and be settled on what’s within our sights.

There usually are specific uses for scrapbooking kits. They normally work well for typical themes like birthdays, weddings, baby concepts and family themes. If you wish to create more diverse themes then, kits won’t get you through it. After all, they are only there to act as your training wheels. Once you’ve learned the curves, it will be more manageable for you to explore newer dimensions.

If you have plans of taking scrapbooking kits to newer heights, you can try adding your own touches to them and use them for later projects. At least now, you already have fixed choices that you can work on in case you find the desire to start with an album. Keep in mind though that the package would coordinate well and will look good together when used.

Few of the basic things that should be found in your scrapbooking kit are as follows:

§ A scrapbook or an album
§ Papers (plain or patterned that has a common theme)
§ Die cuts
§ Stickers
§ Ink and rubber stamp
§ Any type of scissors
§ Punchers
§ Cardstocks
§ Ruler
§ Markers, pens and pencils
§ Envelopes
§ Adhesives
§ Stencils
§ Photos
§ Any sort of embellishments

You may add many other things to these and be creative as to what to add. However, the only problem that you would have to deal with is the limit of your budget. Though scrapbooking may seem handy, the stuff that you will be using will actually cause you to spend more. Especially when you have the strong urge of buying even those items that you actually can’t use for the project at hand.

Before you make your way through the scrapbooking shop, you should make a list of everything that must be thrown into the basket. It can get pretty expensive in a hurry if you buy all the nice things you see at the store. You need some planning or you’ll find yourself dealing with the problems of storage.

And please keep in mind that the common denominator among scrappers is their weakness on papers. Since this component takes the largest portion of use, we all fall in the trap of taking more than what we need.

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