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Scrapbook Journal Idea

Scrapbook Journal Idea  How To Create a Perfect Story With Simple Scrapbooking Journaling Scrapbook journaling is the inscription that goes with pictures in a scrapbook compilation. There are some styles when writing journals. Some of which are story-telling, scriptwriting, others use fictional stories and a lot more. The most typical way of Read more

Scrapbook Albums And How To Construct One

How To Construct Scrapbook Albums Your honeymoon was delightful. You spent 11 days in Paris, and now you’d like to capture those memories in one place. A friend suggested a scrapbook album, but you don’t know how to construct a scrapbook album. Honeymoon scrapbook albums can be fun to make, even if you have never […] Read more

Common Album Themes

Most Common Scrapbooking Album Themes Most beginners start their first scrapbook as a chronological album. They have sorted their photos according to te date, and start scrapbooking each event in order. However, there are so many other scrapbooking album themes you could use. Don’t limit yourself to just a chronological album. A themed album Read more